Physical Precision

by WhimsicalSpecks [Reviews - 6]

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  • Fluff, PWP, Romance

Author's Notes:
This one is tipping precisely on the line between T rating and M rating.
On another note, as much as I adore Three, this isn't really my best, and I will likely be writing another one.
Aaaaand I do not claim to be at all knowledgeable with the martial arts. Apologies if this is somewhat unrealistic on that point... Part of my written-out-of-order Fanservice Series.

You smile at the somewhat unbelievable memories of the day before when the aliens-of-the-week had their world-destroying plans once again stopped by the Doctor.

He got you out of quite a tight rut with the aliens by implementing some very agile karate-ish moves on them and, as usual, running.

Looking fantastically dapper all the while.

It turns out he is quite spry for his age after all.

You try not to think about the alternative implications of this.

[Granted, you think about them anyway, frequently, but you tried.]

You decide you could use some of those moves as well. So you ask if he could teach you.

He smiles down at you fondly.

“It would be quite convenient, wouldn’t it? Alright.”

Evidently, it’s martial arts from Venus, he called it– Venusian Aikido.

You don’t think yourself particularly agile or well-coordinated, but over the weeks, he teaches you to focus on your own center of gravity with each move. You begin to impress yourself with your newly developed skills.

Of course, as learning things go, each time you think you match him, he takes it one level further.

The combat gets increasingly more tactile, the space between you and his very fit self gradually decreasing, leaving you more and more frustrated as each lesson ends and the days pass despite consistent improvement.

One day, you almost have him down, if he does that

But he introduces a new move, and before you can blink, he’s caught and pulled your leg, collapsing you to the floor and you’re pinned by your forearms. Without looking down you can sense he has a knee between your legs and you work hard to control your breathing and not to flush at the compromising position, but of course, fail at this, and you are completely reluctant to move.

The hands on your forearms are firm as you focus your eyes on his and he considers you almost analytically. He smirks lightly and you give an uncertain smile back, wondering what he has in mind.

You hear some shifting and he’s moved the aforementioned knee up and presses against you there gently and any tension in you before that moment has dropped, your eyes close as your head falls back and you can’t hold back a noise of utter greed and it’s all you can do to not buck your hips.

His voice rumbles deeply, “I see.

You briefly worry he’s going to just leave you like that as his hands release your forearms, but his knee doesn’t move and he leans in and kisses you tenderly for several moments before you get impatient and your hand moves up into his luscious hair and tugs lightly for him to be a little more active and your other hand grips his shoulder.

His head moves down to wetly tease your neck as he leans on one arm and caresses down your ribs with his other hand.

“You know,” he remarked, almost conversationally, despite the deeper voice, “Aikido was not the only set of skills I learned from Venus. They really do live up to the planet’s name.”