Do These Make Me Look Smart?

by Callywaggy [Reviews - 0]

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  • Fluff, Humor, Vignette

Author's Notes:
Written for challenge 008 at then_theres_us

Do These Make Me Look Smart?

“Hey, Rose, do you have that file on those lights over Surrey?” Jake was currently half in and half out of her office.

“Sure, Jake, come on in.”

While she was looking through the file cabinet, Jake was examining the pictures on her desk.
Suddenly he burst out laughing.

“Which one is this?” he asked, holding up a picture.

The picture was one that she’d taken herself. She’d been bored one afternoon while on maternity leave and took a picture of one of the twins wearing the Doctor’s spare glasses. It had come out so well that Jackie had asked for a copy for her mantle and even Pete had wanted one for his desk.

“That’s Mickey,” she answered.

“Are you sure?” Jake examined the picture closely.

“Yeah, Jack would never have slept through that,” she replied. “The Doctor has been using his other pair to get one of both of them but hasn't been successful yet.” She grinned at Jake as she handed him the file. “Jack keeps waking up and raising hell. He doesn't like glasses.”

Jake laughed. “Sounds like the Doctor has met his match. Is he gonna keep trying?”

“Probably but Jack is as stubborn as his namesake so I wouldn't count on him getting a good picture.”

“Yeah, from what I hear, Jackie is stubborn.” Jake left her office with a wave.

Rose picked up the picture and smiled at the sleeping Mickey. “Yes, Mum’s stubborn but he’s not named after her, is he, Mick?” Her smile broadened. “Captain Jack’s namesake would never be caught wearing glasses.”