Those Who Wander

by larxenethefirefly [Reviews - 3]

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1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 2] (2069 words)
This story was prompted by isilienelenihin on LJ with the following lines:


The Last Centurion wasn't alone for those two thousand years he spent guarding the Pandorica. Sometimes there was a girl, a blonde girl with eyes like a wolf and a smile like the sunrise. "We're both of us waiting," she told him the third time they met.
"Who are you waiting for?" he asked, although he thought he might already know.
"The stuff of legend," she replied.

Another prompt to be used in conjunction with the first or perhaps by itself: (Also 11/Rose, although who exactly 'he' is, is of course optional) :D

"What did it feel like, being lost?" he asked.
"It felt like dying," she said after a while. "And then I discovered something."
She gave him -that- smile, the one that made him feel like he could do anything if only she'd keep looking at him like that. "I discovered there is life after death."


This was my first time writing Rory, so please be nice!!

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 1] (1636 words)
Part Two. This can be read by itself, however.

Writing Eleven was fun; I'll do some more of him once I give Nine some more love.