Tiny Terrors

by Willowsong [Reviews - 24]

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  • Alternate Universe, Fluff, General

1. Chapter 1: Explosions [Reviews - 2] (1475 words)
The Doctor finds a crying girl in the control room, Rose needs clothes and where the hell is Jack?


2. Chapter 2:No clothes? [Reviews - 2] (2158 words)
The Doctor finds Jack, Rose doesn't like Time Lords and Jack wants a brother.

3. Chapter 3: A parent's misery [Reviews - 4] (2059 words)
The Doctor wonders, Jack wants to play and Rose has an imaginary friend. Or not. Still unbeta'd. Someone?

4. Chapter 4:Dressing Rose [Reviews - 4] (2341 words)
The Doctor is exhausted, Jack gets his coat and Rose gets jim-jams.

This was going to be a little scary, but Jack and Rose disagreed with me. Now it's a fluff-attack...

5. Chapter 5: At the restaurant [Reviews - 4] (2337 words)
The Doctor is clueless, Jack does some sport and Rose is having an interesting conversation.

Now with titles and extra points if someone knows what "Taddy" is! If you want to see our trio in any specific situation, feel free to tell me.

Still looking for a beta. Anyone?

6. Chapter 6: Where is Rose? [Reviews - 2] (2973 words)
The Doctor panics, Rose is hungry and Jack doesn't want to help. He wants food.

Sorry for the angst. It's all worth it, I promise.

7. Chapter 7: Breakfast at the TARDIS [Reviews - 1] (1804 words)
Jack surprises everyone,0 Rose is acting and the Doctor has a chat with the TARDIS.

Sorry this is rather short :)

8. Chapter 8: Playground heroes [Reviews - 3] (2966 words)
Jack becomes a star, the Doctor talks to an aunt and Rose wins a fight.

Ad sorry, I changed the timelines a little bit. Let's just pretend Amelia was about five years old when she first met the Doctor, okay?

Happy Easter to y'all!

9. Chapter 9: Nighttime [Reviews - 2] (1711 words)
The Doctor is frustrated, Rose is sleepy and Jack is difficult.

Have I thanked all of you for all the lovely reviews yet? No? Well, thank you so much! Your encouragement means a lot to me.

Also, for those who don't know yet: "Taddy" is Rose's way of saying "TARDIS".