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Jack was sitting crosslegged infront of something that resembled a TV. He couldn't understand it very well, but hell, the girl looked like Rose. And he liked Rose. Oh yes.

And he knew that Rose knew it, and that she would never hook up with him. He knew that the Doctor would murder him dead even if they would, and Rose knew that, too.

His thoughts trailed off to the small little planet they had saved earlier. Rose had insisted they save the planet from the blackhole, even as the Doctor told her that it was going to die of natural causes in about one hundred years anyway, Jack laughing in the background. He knew Rose would probably think he was a jerk for that, but he didn't mind, really. He honestly didn't. As long as she thought something of him, he didn't care. He'd rather her thinking of him positvely, but whatever. As long as she thought something of him.

And he guessed he'd want the Doctor to think positvely of him as well, otherwise he'd end up on some primitve planet...

He bit his lip. He never wanted them to go away, even if they weren't to fond of him.

Even if Rose never slept with him. And he almost felt Rose slap him.