Opposite Measure

by Thanatosx49 [Reviews - 102]

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  • Adult
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Humor, Introspection, Mystery, Romance

1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 8] (2562 words)
This chapter has a lot of the character's inner thoughts through Darlig Ulv Stranden and the beginning of the journey to London.
Forgive any errors, this was typed out and posted with a cell phone. It was originally written out by hand- and there's another 18 chapters to type out.

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 3] (2942 words)

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 3] (688 words)
This was originally part of chapter two, but that I split it since it was already getting insanely long. Enjoy! Shoutout to my twitter friends @Deidra69 @evilvampbabe and @Lindajojomom

4. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 3] (1676 words)

5. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 3] (2038 words)
Blame my friends Sue, Cathy and Crystal for talking me into posting this. They twisted my arm. Otherwise it would've remained in my notebook at home, not online.

6. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 3] (3453 words)
Started transcribing this last night. It's most of the original chapter four from my notebook

7. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 3] (3686 words)
Borrowed a bit from Monty Python.

8. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 3] (4174 words)
They finally talk some.

Sorry for the delay, been a little under the weather

9. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 2] (3473 words)
First time at Pete's World Torchwood for the new Doctor- it could get messy.

10. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 3] (2601 words)
It's getting darker......

12. Chapter 11 [Reviews - 4] (3411 words)
Ok, for anyone with the impression this is going to have 18 chapters, remember the original isn't done by a long shot and this is only around the original 6th chapter.

13. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 4] (3509 words)
Borrowed a line from T.S. Elliot's the Hollow Men.

14. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 4] (3158 words)
Shoutout to all the lovely people who've favorited this and everyone who's reviewed. You know who you are, you wonderful little ducks! Thankies for supporting my lunacy!

15. Chapter 14 [Reviews - 2] (5881 words)
Chapter eleven is open again. Dunno how that happened. I would've split this monster of a chapter, but didn't for fear of inciting a riot over the cliffhangers. Forgive my mangling of Dylan Thomas's poetry, T.S. Elliot and Shakespearean references along with a chapter influenced by a Foo Fighters song. The F bomb is why I upped the rating. Allons-y!

16. Chapter 15 [Reviews - 4] (3170 words)
This is probably the only chapter of Doctor Who fan fiction ever inspired by Alice In Chains. Bonus points to anyone who can name the song. ;-)
And yes, I listen to music while writing sometimes. Keeps the creative juices flowing.

17. Chapter 16 [Reviews - 2] (5361 words)

18. Chapter 17 [Reviews - 3] (3887 words)
Channeling 10.5 is going to do me in. I'm now craving bananas and I absolutely hate the damn things.

19. Chapter 18 [Reviews - 1] (4107 words)
Love the feedback I'm getting. Reviews are precious !

20. Chapter 19 [Reviews - 4] (4579 words)
In which words are spoken...

I'm my own beta and do my own Brit picking. All errors, well you know who to blame

21. Chapter 20 [Reviews - 3] (6054 words)
This one got longer than I expected.

Die_flow, there might eventually be dancing. Just not in an elevator with Jasper, Percy, and Pete looking on. ;-)

22. Chapter 21 [Reviews - 5] (3469 words)
So sue me for the Billy Idol reference, but I couldn't resist after seeing an old picture. And here be the dreaded possibility of romance

23. Chapter 22 [Reviews - 3] (5424 words)
And elements start coming together....

Special brownie points to whoever can guess the songs that influenced the last four or five chapters of this. ;-)

24. Chapter 23 [Reviews - 1] (4731 words)
And the countdown begins......

25. Chapter 24 [Reviews - 1] (5110 words)
As for the countdown, that was a reference to almost being caught up with the original text of this that was written by hand before I started transcribing. We're up to the original chapter fifteen with this one. There were eighteen total and it wasn't done yet.

This is far longer than I had realized, and well, forget doing a drabble for my first foray into fanfiction. I guess if I'm going to do something, I'm going to make it last, lol. Thank you all for being so receptive to my first attempt at this. Thank you all for all the encouragement and kind words.

26. Chapter 25 [Reviews - 3] (6040 words)
I will blatantly give inquiring minds the answer. The song I was listening to when the original version of this was originally written two and a half months ago was "Keep the Streets Empty For Me" by Fever Ray. That's the origin of the chapter header
Brilliant song! I had a very merry Christmas indeed.

27. Chapter 26 [Reviews - 3] (5239 words)
If anyone can guess the song that inspired this I will be amazed.

This is the original chapter seventeen. I never thought it would get this large, but it has kinda runaway on me.....

A big thank you to all who have read and reviewed this so far.

28. Chapter 27 [Reviews - 5] (5463 words)
This cost me an entire night's sleep. It's the last of the original chapter eighteen and goes into virgin territory around 2000 words in. Enjoy!

29. Chapter 28 [Reviews - 2] (3372 words)
This would've been done a lot sooner, but someone sent me a link to a certain photo online and well....let's just say my train of thought derailed and exploded on impact. There were no survivors. Took awhile to salvage anything from the wreckage of my concentration. There's a reference to Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken", as well. And yeah, I know my geek is showing. Sorry about that. Be grateful I didn't dive headlong into string theory, lol

30. Chapter 29 [Reviews - 2] (4502 words)
This chapter was an easier one to write. Parts of 27 had to be rewritten so many times before I posted it.

Thank you, all you lovely people who've been reading this. Never thought it would get so big, or be this popular.

31. Chapter 30 [Reviews - 0] (5339 words)
Yeah, the tattoo question is answered, sorta.

Any guesses as to where the chapter headers came from?

32. Chapter 31 [Reviews - 5] (4227 words)
Because I had to. And well....any criticisms or advice on this one?

33. Chapter 32 [Reviews - 7] (4048 words)
Sorry for the delay, I've had a cat in heat. Trying to think around the noise was nigh on impossible. Also, this is the explanation for the matter that set off so much controversy in the last chapter. This is it. It's finally over. Due to requests, there is a sequel already in the works. A big thank you to all who've been reading this and a bigger thank you to all who've reviewed. I love you all! And major brownie points to whoever can guess what the song was for this one correctly...