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Disclaimer: I don't own nothing, they all belong to BBC. And I ain't making money off of this, so please don't sue!!

Rose: I'm bored.

Jack: Me too.

Rose, Jack: Doctor, we're bored!

Doctor: Go play outside then, children.

Rose, Jack: Children?!

Doctor: Yes, children.

Rose, Jack: I am not your child!

+Rose and Jack stare at eachother+

Doctor: Children. +clicks tongue+

+an hour later+

Rose, Jack: Daaaaddy!

+the Doctor looks up from whatever he's doing+

Doctor: Eh?

Rose, Jack: We're hungry!

Doctor: Then go to the kitchen.

Rose, innocently: Feed your children-

Rose, Jack: Daaaaddy!

Doctor +with a look of realisation+: Oh no.

Jack: We're hungry!

Rose: Yeaaaaah!

+after the Doctor reluctantly makes them food+

Rose: It's green.

Jack: It smells.

Doctor: Eat it.

Rose: Will it make me fat?

Jack: Can't do what's been done.

Rose: Why you-

Doctor: No fighting or you're going to bed. Both of you.

Jack: One bed?

+Rose elbows him hard+

Rose: Perv!

Jack: Right, you're my sister....

+Doctor rolls his eyes+

Doctor: Only if Jack's on the floor.

+Jack pouts+


Doctor: Finally! Their gone! +does a dance+

Rose: Daaaaddy!!!

Doctor: Bugger.

Rose: That's a bad word. +bottom lip trembles+

Doctor: Er....

Rose, like nothing happened: I gotta pee.

Doctor: Er....

Rose: Before I wet my jammys!! +tugs his coat+

+Doctor groans+

Doctor: Nonononono.....

Rose, squeezing legs shut: I gotta go!!!!

Doctor: Fine! +pulls her into bathroom+


Doctor: Bah! +sends her off to bed+

+goes to tinker with the t.a.r.d.i.s, sees Jack+

Doctor: No!

Jack: Daaaaaddy, I'm thirsty! Can I have a glass of water?

+Doctor stares at him+

Doctor: Point?

Jack: I'm dehydrating! I'm dying! +clutches throut, makes a gurgling sound and falls to floor+

+Doctor watches with a glare+

Doctor: Bah! +pulls him up to get water+

Jack, gasping for air: Water! +drinks it+ Thanks! +goes to bed+

+Doctor grumbles and goes to tinker with the t.a.r.d.i.s.+

Rose, Jack: AHHH!!! +both come running into the control room+

Doctor: Now what?!

Rose: Daddy, daddy!

Jack: Nightmare, nightmare!

Doctor: Bloody hell!

Rose, Jack: Exactly!

Doctor: What? No! Bah.

+they run to him, pull him out and hug him+

Doctor: Er.... eh?

Rose: Make it better!

Jack: The terror!

+Doctor rolls eyes and pats them both on the head+

Doctor: There, there... +frowns+

+Rose farts+

Jack: Terror's gone! +gets up and leaves+

Rose: Jeeze. +she leaves, too+

Doctor: Riiiiiight. +tinkers with the t.a.r.d.i.s. for a while then goes to bed+

Rose: Daaaaddy!!! +comes running into room and barrels into the bed+

Doctor: Baaaaaah..... +groans and blinks wearily around before realising it was just Rose+

+Jack comes running in and jumps into the bed too+

Jack: Scaaaarrry!

Rose: Yeah, we're stuck in bed with you.... I mean, I'm terrified!

+Jack flicks her nose+

Rose, after smacking his arm: No violence!


Jack: For what?

Rose: No yelling! It's mean!


+Rose and Jack pout+

Rose: But I'm scared! +snuggles into him+

Jack: Me too! +copies Rose+

Doctor: Two.... hours.... +squeezes eyes shut and ignores Rose whining about Jack poking her+

+they all go to sleep+

+Rose wakes up+

Rose: Where's daddy? +pouts+

Jack, dazed and confused: How'd I manage to get into your pants?

Rose: What? No, you idiot! +smacks his arm+

Jack: Oh, right.... I remember.....

Doctor, from kitchen: Breakfast!

Rose: What?

Jack: Food?

+they get up, get food and sit at the table+

Jack: Fooooood! +starts eating+

Doctor, sitting down: Elbows OFF the table.

Rose: What?

Doctor: And sit up straight, young lady.

+Rose blinks+

Rose: But-

Doctor: Now!

+Rose immedently obeys+

Doctor, looking at Jack: Elbows off the table!

+Jacks hesitates then does so+

Jack: Jeeze...

+after breakfast+

Doctor: Okay, remember to put your dishes into the sink. And brush your teeth.

Jack: Now?

Doctor: Yes, now.

+Jack pouts+

Rose, getting up and in a perky voice: Okey-doke-kee!

Jack, gloomily: This sucks.

+the Doctor snickers+

Rose, pausing: Brush our teeth?

Doctor: Yep! +grins+ Off you go, now!

+they groan and grumble+

Doctor: Today!

+they leave+

+the Doctor nods, satisfied with himself+

Doctor: They want to play house.... I'll play house!


Doctor: Rose! Jack!

+Rose comes in+

Rose: Yep?

Doctor: Where's Jack?

Rose: Don't know, don't care.

Doctor, louder: Jack!

+nothing happens+

Doctor, in that father-means-it-now voice: JACK WILLIAM HARKNESS!

Rose: How'd you know his middle name?

Doctor, grinning: I didn't. It just came. +shrugs+

Jack: What?

Doctor: Get in here!

+Jack comes in+

Jack: Whoever it was, I didn't do them!

+awkward silence+

Doctor: Er... bedtime.

Rose, Jack: Eh?

Doctor, pointing to clock: Seven-thirty.

Jack: What? No!

Rose: That's cruel!

Doctor: Bed!

+pushes them out of the room+

Doctor: Bed!

Jack: No! Way to early!

Rose: Yeah, way to early!

+the Doctor pushes Rose into her room, closes the door and locks it+

Doctor: You're grounded for resisting!

Jack: What are you? A cop?

Doctor: And you are too, for smart-mouthing! +pushes Jack into his room, locks it+

Rose, Jack: Not fair!

Doctor: Ha! +with a wide grin, he goes to tinker with the t.a.r.d.i.s.+

Rose and Jack never complained or even mentioned the word 'daddy' in the Doctor's presence again.


This was my first Doctor Who fic ever, so go easy on me!!