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“Yeehah!” yelled Seven as he fell through the sky. Two, who was beside him, screamed. Four would have laughed, but it was muffled by the jelly babies in the mouth. Eleven, meanwhile was busy trying to flap away from Ten, who was trying to grab hold of his tweed coat.

Below them the Master causally folded his arms as he sank through the air. “How’s it going?” he yelled to the Doctors above him.

“Not so well,” said Five, trying to sound calm but not quite pulling it off. “I would’ve been more prepared if someone hadn’t pushed me off the plane,” he continued, glaring at Six.

Six shrugged. “It’s my nature,” he said.


Nine was far below them and was trying to open his parachute. “How the hell are you here?” he asked Eight, who had joined him.

Eight smiled. “I have a couple of rocks in my pocket,” he said happily. “Why?” asked Nine. After Eight shrugged Nine rolled his eyes. “How could I have been you?” Nine said.

Nine tried to open his parachute. “It’s jammed. My parachute’s jammed!” Eight tried his parachute too, and found out his was also jammed. Above them, the rest of the Doctors were experiencing the same issue.

Six turned to the Master. “You jammed our parachutes, didn’t you?” he asked.

The Master laughed. “Of course I did!” He released his own parachute and and immediately flew up a few inches. “Good luck!”


This left the Doctors without parachutes as they were rapidly falling to the ground. “What do we do?” asked Five, instantly panicking.

Six sighed. “There is no ‘we’ Five, it’s everyone for themselves now. And I know what I’m doing.”

And with that, Six pulled off his coat and threw it over his head, successfully making a parachute.

As Four copied Six, Seven took out his question mark umbrella and used it for a parachute. Three, Two and Five looked in dismay at the ground that was rapidly heading towards them. “Maybe if I reverse the polarity of the neutron flow...” Three muttered as he got out his sonic screwdriver.

Two slapped the screwdriver from his hands. “Everyone knows that doesn’t work!” Two exclaimed.

Three didn’t respond, too busy looking down at his disappearing screwdriver. “You bastard!”

“Takes one to know one,” Two replied calmly. Three attempted to grab hold of Two but Two manages to get out of the way at the last minute. Soon they were wrestling each other.

Eleven looked over this in disgust. “This has been an awfully long fall hasn’t it?” he asked Five.

Five shrugged. “It’s not the most unusual thing here, is it?”

“No it isn’t. He is,” Eleven agreed, pointing at Ten who was snoring on his back.

Eleven shook him awake. “Wha-? Are the Krillitanes back?” yelled Ten as he woke up.

Eleven sighed. “Get off me. We’re still falling, by the way,” Eleven added as Ten yawned.

Five became increasingly alarmed as Nine and Eight flew above him on their makeshift parachutes and the green blobs below him were rapidly becoming recognizable as trees. He tried to make his coat a parachute, but it wouldn’t pick up. “Stupid cricket jacket,” he muttered.

He looked at the cluster of trees a few miles below him. “I hope I land in a tree!” he said as he fell to the Earth.


Five cursed as he collided with the ground. He didn’t land in a tree.


Eleven had successfully used his tweed jacket as a parachute, but he couldn’t get Ten off him. “C’mon Ten, get your own ride!”

“No!” said Ten, who was attached to Eleven’s chest.

“Please?” Eleven asked kindly.

Ten thought for a while and said, “I want a hug.”

Eleven frowned. “No, you’re drunk.” Ten giggled and tried to force Eleven into a hug by grabbing his arms and forcing them around Ten. This caused Eleven to let go of his jacket and they both fell into a tree.

Unluckily for Eleven, he went through the tree and fell on the ground. Even worse, Ten fell on top of him, giggling and cheering, “Again, again!”

“I hate you,” Eleven groaned as Ten passed out above him.


"I hate you so much!" yelled Two at Three. They had landed knee-deep in mud.

Three laughed as mud seeped into his boots. "Me too, man. me too." He playfully flicked mud onto Two's nose and chuckled as Two tackled him into the mud pit.