Author's Notes:
I hope you like this chapter, even though it is short. Future updates will be weekly from now on. Hopefully.

“I think we’re supposed to jump off this plane,” said Three as he strapped on a parachute.

Five paled as he too strapped on a parachute. “A-Are you sure?” he asked hesitantly. “I haven’t like jumping off high heights since my regeneration.”

“Aww, poor Four’s death got you afraid of heights?” Six said in a mock cooing voice. When Five nodded; Six grinned. “Good, ‘cause that means you’re going first!” Six yelled as he pushed Five out of the plane.

“Hey! That wasn’t nice!” frowned Two.

“If you don’t like it so much, join him!”

As Six shoved him towards the exit Two protested. “I-I don’t like heights!”

“That much is obvious,” said Three, referring to Two’s shortness. Before Two could respond, Six pushed him out of the door, before going out himself.

Three turned to the only other person in the room, Seven. “You afraid of heights too?” Three asked.

Seven was offended. “Hell no!” To prove his point, Seven jumped out then and there.

“Well here goes nothing,” said Three as he jumped out of the plane.


“Get off of me!” said Eleven to Ten, who was drooling all over his lap. Nine had jumped off already, leaving Eight, Four, Eleven and a drunk Ten on the plane.

“Nooo,” protested Ten, giggling in Eleven’s ear.

Eleven instantly moved away from him and grimaced. “Eww, get him off me!”

“I’ll gladly take over,” said Eight. “Come on, Ten,” he said as he tried to lift Ten from Eleven’s lap.

Ten slapped his hands away and hung on Eleven. “I want to be with Eleven!”

“I don’t want you!” Eleven said pushing Ten away from him.

Ten stumbled over into Four’s arms. “Jelly baby?” Four asked, holding out a bag to Ten while steadying him.

Ten tried to grab the bag but misaimed and ended up spilling the jelly babies all over the floor. “Noo!” yelled Four, instantly dropping to the floor, quickly stuffing all the jelly babies in his mouth. This left Ten unsupported, so he fell to the ground.

“Now are you ready for me to carry you?” said Eight. Ten shook his head. Eight frowned. “Too bad then,” he said before forcibly throwing Ten over his shoulder while Ten pounded his fists on his back in protest.

“How were you this?” asked Eight tiredly as he forced a parachute on Ten.

Eleven shrugged as he put on a parachute himself. “How were we Four?” he asked before jumping out of the plane.

Since Four had already jumped out this left Eight and Ten alone. “Come on,” said Eight as he put on his own parachute, “We’re going to get out of here.”

“No! I’ll throw up if I go out there!” screamed Ten as Eight dragged him to the door. “It’s not my fault you have a low alcohol tolerance!” Eight sighed as he watched Ten fall out. “For such a skinny bloke he’s heavy,” he muttered. Then he jumped into the abyss.