Author's Notes:
Thank you for reviewing and keep on doing it. One chapter left til the end! That’s why I want to ask you: who do you think is going to win? Trust me, this could go any way!

“1...2...3...GO!” Eleven yelled and chaos ensued as water balloons flew through the air.

Eight was immediately attacked from all sides, since he didn’t have a balloon. “I knew this was going to happen,” he muttered as he went out of the war zone, leaving puddles of water behind. “You can only win one fight around here.”

Meanwhile, Three was about to throw a balloon at Nine, but slipped in one of Eight’s puddles. “Eight!” Three cursed as Nine threw a balloon straight at his face.

Five suddenly came from behind and dumped a balloon down Nine’s jacket, then ran away. “Hey!” Nine yelled angrily at Five’s receding form. “I just got this jacket dry cleaned!”

Ten had decided to hide in a bush and chose this time to attack Five, and while he did a quiet cheer Six threw a balloon at him. Grumbling, Ten trudged over to Eight. “Got you too, huh?” Eight smiled.

“They always do,” Ten said, sitting down next Eight.

They were silent for a few seconds, watching the battle unfold, before Eight asked, “Do you want to play chess?”
“Sure!” Ten said and rummaged in his pockets before producing some wet chess pieces. “Sorry they’re wet,” Ten apologized.

“It’s okay,” Eight reassured him. “I have a blow dryer we can use to dry them up a bit.”

Ten stared at Eight. “Wait you carry a blow dryer around but not a pillow? What kind of Doctor are you?”


Out on the field, Four aimed a balloon at Two but missed because Two ducked out of the way in the nick of time.

Two then tried to hit Eleven but accidently hit Six. Six marched over to Ten and Eight, looked at their chess board and announced, “I’m playing the winner.”


As Seven hit Four Eleven tried to take out Two, but kept on missing since Two started to hide behind bushes.

Four arrived where the chess playing Doctors were and sat down. He took out his phone and started typing on it.

“What are you doing?” Six asked.

“Updating Twitter,” Four responded. “I’m posting the results of our fight as it happens. People are betting on this you know.”

As Four finished typing Eight’s phone vibrated. He turned it on and sighed. “I can’t believe Four’s out,” he said. “I just lost 20 pounds!”

“You follow yourself on Twitter?” Six asked incredulously.

“Yeah, so?” Eight said.

“Who the hell follows themselves on Twitter?” Ten asked.

“Sometimes it’s interesting to see your life summed up in 140 characters or less, okay?” Eight said defensively.

Everyone just stared at him.


Back on the field, Seven tried to sneak up to Eleven but Eleven noticed and threw a balloon at him. Seven threw himself on the ground, and the balloon whooshed by an inch above him. As Eleven turned his attention back to Two Seven snuck behind the bushes and crawled over to where Two was hiding.

“We need a plan,” gasped Seven as he ducked under a balloon.

“We could both be at opposite sides of Eleven and attack him at the same time,” Two suggested as he dived under the bushes from an incoming group of balloons.

“It’s better than nothing,” Seven said finally, and he scampered behind the bushes until he was across the field from Two. He aimed his balloons at Eleven and waited.

“Marshmallows!” Two yelled, which was the secret codeword both Two and Seven chose to begin their attack. Two and Seven threw balloons at Eleven and Eleven stepped back, and the balloons continued their journeys towards Two and Seven.

Two had the presence of mind to duck but unluckily Seven didn’t. Seven walked towards Six, Eight, Ten and Four in shame. “That was an epic fail,” he muttered.

When he noticed the chess board Seven pushed Ten out and sat in his place. “Well, I think it’s your move then.”

“You can’t just push Ten out like that!” Eight protested.

“Oh, you’re just saying that because you know I’ll beat you,” Seven said.

“I can beat you, I’m older than you!” Eight said, gearing up for a tough game of chess.

“No you can’t. Get ready to feel the wrath of The Chessmaster!” Seven paused for a second and then asked, “That seems like a better name than the Doctor, doesn’t it?”

Everyone nodded.


Eleven and Two glared each other, a water balloon their hands. “Whoever wins this wins the whole thing,” Eleven muttered.

“Yep,” Two said. “Let’s finish this.”

All the Doctors that sat on the grass were cheering for their team member.

“It’s all down to Two and Eleven..,” Five said excitedly.

“I can’t believe I’m spending my birthday doing this,” Nine muttered.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I genuinely believe Two can win this thing,” Three said to Four. “I bet my last twenty pounds on it.”

“Two! Whip Eleven’s ass!” Six yelled.


Two and Eleven stared at each other, trying to see who would move first. Finally they both threw their balloons at the same time.

The rest of the Doctors leaned forward, anxious to see who would emerge victorious.

The balloons rocketed towards their intended targets, each balloon the same speed as the other...

Eleven and Two started to sweat, both not knowing whose balloons were faster....

Three gulped, since his last twenty pounds were on the line...

Eight coughed nervously, because Seven was so gonna beat him at chess later...

Two and Eleven geared to dive out of the way at any second...

And yet the balloons grew ever closer to their targets...

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will win that chess game Eight is so worried about? Is Three going to lose his last twenty pounds? How long can two balloons stay in the air before it seems like too long? The answers to all of these questions and more are in Birthday In(sanity)’s epic conclusion! Stay tuned!