Author's Notes:
Welcome to Birthday In (sanity)! Sorry for the shortness of the chapter, I was being lazy having major writer's block. Please tell me this is funny so I can continue. I might update pretty soon if all goes well. Also, thanks to the reviewers of Birthday in Vegas! Without you, I would have never written this sequel in the first place.

Birthday In (sanity) Pt. 1 or 'Prologue'

"No, no, no, no, NO!" yelled Six as Seven dragged him into an abandoned hotel just off Route 66. "I'll sue!"

"You can't sue yourself," huffed Seven. He paused for second to catch his breath. "Dang you're heavy."

Six laughed triumphantly. "I knew eating that cheesecake was the right thing to do!"

Seven dragged Six up by the legs for the first few steps before collapsing by the door. "That was much more than a simple cheesecake."

Suddenly the hotel door opened and Ten popped out. "Six, Seven, you're here! Welcome to our birthday party! Seven, you don't look so good."

Seven groaned. "I'm so thirsty I could drink Ace's Nitro-9." Ten frowned in shock as Six stood up and dusted off his clothes. "That'll teach you to drag me halfway across the galaxy for a stupid party!"

"There's no party like a Time Lord party," Seven said weakly, still lying on the floor. Ten's frown deepened. "There's punch in the lobby if you want it..."

"Punch?" Seven asked, suddenly alert. Before Ten could answer, Seven was up, inside the hotel and had already dunked his head into the punch bowl. Ten stared at where Seven was in astonishment before turning to Six. "Did you know One ditched us?"

Six rolled his eyes and shoved his way through the doorway. "I swear he has ADHD," he muttered as Ten followed him while reciting lines from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

In the lobby Six meet up with the other Doctors. "Why's One not here?" he asked Nine.

Nine raised his eyebrow. "Ten didn't tell you?"

Six gestured over to Ten. He was currently watching Two and Three arm wrestle. They both struggled for a while before Three slammed Two's hand into the table. Five cheered while Four dejectedly gave him forty pounds, obviously losing a bet.

Two grinned as he rubbed his sore hand. "I know you've won the arm wrestle, but the Brigadier still likes me more."

Three frowned. "No, he likes me more! The arm wrestle contest proves it!" he whined. Two just stuck his tongue at him. "Now that's just rude!"

Nine frowned as he turned back to Six. "Oh I see."

Six rolled his eyes. "Obviously."

Nine glared at him. "Do you want to know why One ditched us or not?" Six nodded and Nine smiled.

"Good. Now, word from the past tells me he said that 'I am not spending another minute with those immature fools that are supposedly my future, hmm? I would be infinitely happier if instead I regenerated into a pile of sh-'"

"Eek!" Eleven shrieked girlishly as he realized that some of Seven's hair was in the glass of punch he almost drank.

Eight looked horrified while Ten snickered. "Eleven screams like a girl," he chanted.

Eleven scowled. "You're a hyped up teenage girl!"

Ten scowled as they got closer. Before they could do anything else someone knocked on the door.

"Who's there?" said Five on impulse. Four rolled his eyes and said, "Come in."

The door banged opened and the person to come inside was none other than…

The Master!

Eleven turned to Ten as everyone gaped at the Master.

"You really f*&%ed up this time Ten."