1. Prologue [Reviews - 4] (543 words)
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2. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 2 or 'Game Time' [Reviews - 1] (830 words)
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3. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 3 of 'Paintball Battle' [Reviews - 1] (1246 words)
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4. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 4 or ‘6 Rounds of Hell’ [Reviews - 1] (1315 words)
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5. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 5 or ‘Skydiving Difficulties’ [Reviews - 1] (515 words)
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6. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 6 or ‘Parachute Malfunctions’ [Reviews - 2] (774 words)
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7. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 7 or ‘That Time We Sat in a Barn All Night’ [Reviews - 2] (1054 words)

8. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 8 or ‘The Really Long Night’ [Reviews - 3] (1653 words)
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9. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 9 or ‘The Great Pillow Fight’ [Reviews - 1] (900 words)
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10. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 10 or ‘The Doctors’ Revenge’ [Reviews - 1] (912 words)
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11. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 11 or ‘The Battle of the Ages’ [Reviews - 2] (1032 words)
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12. Birthday In(sanity) Pt. 12 or ‘Epilogue: Many Goodbyes’ [Reviews - 1] (1101 words)
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