Painted across the night sky

by fate_incomplete [Reviews - 0]

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  • Character Study, General, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Written for the who_contest prompt - Dry

Amelia Pond was a strange girl. Everyone knew it. There was no question, no thought of denial. It was a simple, unequivocal fact.

She didn't dream of being a ballerina, didn't jump rope with the other girls or make daisy chains.

Amelia dreamt of the stars, played alone with her raggedy doctor doll and drew pictures of imagined alien worlds.

She waited.

Amelia Pond was the strange little girl who daydreamed of her raggedy man taking her away to something bigger, brighter, better.

She was the girl with a name from a fairy tale, and no ordinary life could ever do.

Amelia looked to the stars each night, knowing there was something more there that no one else could see.

And she waited.

Amelia Pond's world went beyond the watery, dreary, humdrum happenings of an everyday life. Beyond that deep blue summer sky laid adventures uncounted, unimagined by those around her.

Her dreams were woven with the filaments of nebula, lit by gamma bursts and trailing on eddies of solar winds. All of history long passed and yet to be written was alive and begging to be explored.

She could feel it all, floating on a warm breeze, dancing just out of the grasp of her fingers.

Minutes, hours, days, years passed by, yet she didn't set those youthful dreams aside. She kept them hidden inside, fought against the urging of others to let them go, to let them wither and die.

Her raggedy man was out there, he would come back for her one day. One day...

So she waited.

The strange, impossible young girl grew up. Yet inside, in her dreams, was always that little Scottish girl, looking up at the stars, fighting off sleep because any second now he would return for her. He had promised.

The fiery red head that clung to her dreams, for if she let go she would be lost in a parched desert of normalcy. She would fade away, and all the things she saw in her dreams would never exist. Cracks of light would shatter her world and swallow all the things she held close.

Amelia Pond, the girl who waited, who remembered, who refused to let childish dreams die. She remembered a blue box of the bluest blue, and didn't let it fade to dust of the forgotten and never was.

She waited, and never let the dreams she painted across the night sky dry.