Light & Ash

by fate_incomplete [Reviews - 3]

  • All Ages
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  • Angst, General, Vignette

Author's Notes:
Written for the who_contest prompt - Light. Character Death.

Particles of ash drifted in the air, suspended in slithers of light. Drifting, cushioned, their delicate forms glinting as they drifted impossibly slow on their downward path. Everything else was hazy, distant, unimportant. There was just the play of light on the ash. Yet that ash signified something, something important, urgent, but it was just beyond reach of conscious thought.

A ringing sound seemed to be coming from somewhere far away yet unbearably close. She groaned, irritated, wanting the noise to go away, to leave her in peace, so she could float like the ash falling around her. She blinked as that ash settled on her face, the soft flutter of it against her skin gentle, caressing, like the lightest touch of someone forgotten, lost.

They were all lost and forgotten sooner or later.

Ash clung to wetness on her cheeks, she was crying, though didn't know why. What could touch her here? Drifting free on eddies of air and light. Yet she wasn't drifting free, something weighed her down, some thought trying to push its way through with a sense of urgency, despair she couldn't, wouldn't comprehend.

A shape loomed in the haze, moving surreally fast as everything else slowed, coming into focus as he skidded to her side.


She closed her eyes, remembering searing bright light, heat, a rush of air, flying debris.

His fingers caressed her cheek, smearing blood, tears and ash together.

"Amy," he whispered, screamed. She couldn't quite tell.

He lifted her gently, carrying her through ash that still rained down. She stirred weakly in his arms. There was something back there, something lost in the carnage of twisted and charred steel. Something she couldn't bear to lose, to leave behind, yet with each step he took her further away from it.

What was lost coalesced into one word, tearing her apart. "Rory."

The echo of her disconnected anguish, despair and grief reverberated in the Doctor's eyes, deepened by his boundless guilt.

She lost herself in light and swirling ash, before it all faded. A whispered, I'm so sorry, following her into the darkness.