Author's Notes:
Sixth and final chapter of my drabble series written for Challenge 402: Doll at tw100.

Summary: Maybe Ianto shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions…

“Ianto, why the hell did you drive off and leave me out there? I had to walk all the way back!”

Ianto blinked. Staring first at doll Jack, then at the real thing, he broke into a broad smile, racing across the Hub and throwing his arms around his sodden lover, not caring about getting wet. “Jack! You’re alright!”

“Of course I’m alright. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Sheepishly, Ianto showed him mini Jack.

“You thought I’d been turned into a plastic doll?”

Ianto nodded. “The resemblance is uncanny.”

“I’m better looking though.”

“I definitely prefer the real thing,” Ianto agreed.

The End