Author's Notes:
My second drabble for Challenge 401: Cold at tw100. This one's sort of a bonus because I already had my four for the week, then wrote this one last night. I hope Ianto's cold-speak is understandable.

Summary: Ianto has a summer cold.


“Bless you.”



“How’re you feeling?”

“Fide. Jud god a code.”

“I gathered that from the sneezing.” Jack accepted his coffee. “You didn’t sneeze in this did you?”

Ianto rolled his eyes and winced.

“Headache?” Jack asked.

“Zore node.”

“Yeah, it does look a bit red. Shouldn’t you put cream on it or something?”

“I ab, bud den I ‘ave do blow by doze.”

“Soft tissues?”

“Nod zoft enuv.”

“Why’d you even come to work today?”

“Dunno, brobly ‘abid.”

“So why don’t you go home?”

“Gan’t dribe an’ sneeze. Nod zafe.”

“I’ll drive then.”

“Thag you.”

“Any time.”

The End