Author's Notes:
My second drabble for Challenge 398: Cherry at tw100.

Summary: Jack isn’t terribly impressed with Ianto’s new trees.

Back at their new penthouse apartment, the top floors of a Torchwood owned warehouse building, Ianto potted up his cherry ‘twigs’ while Jack watched.

“Do you really expect to get fruit from those spindly things?”

“Well, not this year. They need to grow a bit first.” Setting the tubs against a southwest-facing wall, where the trees would get the most sun, Ianto secured them so that they wouldn’t get blown over. He’d re-pot them as they grew, training their branches into a fan shape. “You’ll just have to be patient, Jack. It’ll be worth the wait.”

“If you say so.”

TBC in ‘Grow Your Own - Part 3’