Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 398: Cherry at tw100. Part one of a four-parter.

Summary: Jack is puzzled by Ianto’s purchases.

Meeting back at the car after heading in opposite directions to run errands, Jack eyed Ianto’s burden dubiously.

“Why have you bought twigs?”

Ianto stifled a laugh at Jack’s bemused expression. “They’re not twigs, they’re cherry trees. I thought they’d be nice for the roof garden; we can grow our own cherries.” He dumped several plastic tubs of various sizes into the open boot of the car. “Could you help me fetch the compost? I didn’t have enough hands to carry that as well.”

Jack nodded distractedly. “Okay. Are you sure they’re trees? They still look like twigs to me.”

TBC in ‘Grow Your Own - Part 2’