Author's Notes:
My final drabble for Challenge 397: Wild at tw100.

Summary: Last night was fun, but now Jack’s antics are annoying Ianto.

Ianto rolled his eyes as Jack broke into another chorus of ‘Wild Thing.’

“Shut it, Harkness,” he growled. “You do that after the others get here, I guarantee you won’t like the consequences.”

The previous night, they’d experimented with an alien aphrodisiac, and the effect on Ianto had been… impressive to say the least. They hadn’t slept much. Now Ianto was tired and cranky, while Jack, despite his rapid healing, was still walking funny.

Snaking his arms around Ianto from behind, Jack purred in his ear, “Wild Thing, I think I love you.”

Despite his annoyance, Ianto couldn’t help smiling.

The End