Author's Notes:
My 7th and final drabble for Challenge 288 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100. Apologies for the tense this one’s written in, it refused to be written any other way!

The new challenge is up, same as last week's but using the titles from series 9 to 16 of the show as prompts. I'm spoiled for choice! I think I have 5 definite ideas so far, and about 30 potential titles.... I may do some at a later date, after this reverse-fandom challenge is over, because there simply isn't enough time to write something for all the ones I like the look of (plus there were several from last week's batch that I didn't get written but I'd still like to take a stab at them at some point.)

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving this challenge?

Summary: It’s amazing how much chaos can be caused by one tiny mishap…

One quiet day at Torchwood, Ianto’s carrying a tray of coffee for the team’s afternoon caffeine fix, when he trips over Nosy.

Nosy squeaks and shoots forward, knocking Gwen off balance, sending her stumbling backwards. Tripping over her own feet, she lands in Tosh’s lap, her elbow hitting the computer keyboard and turning Tosh’s programming into gibberish.

Meanwhile, five mugs of coffee arc through the air, spraying their scalding contents over Jack, who staggers backwards, hits the railing above the autopsy bay and tumbles over, landing on Owen and the corpse he’s dissecting.

Ianto regards the chaos, wide eyed.


The End