Author's Notes:
My fifth drabble for Challenge 392: Train at tw100.

Summary: Jack’s certainly putting his all into training Nosy…

“Christ! I did not need to see that!” Owen muttered, taking refuge in the kitchenette, hoping for a restorative mug of coffee. “Some things are just too much to deal with this early in the morning.”

“What?” asked Ianto, amused. “Has Jack decided it’s a clothing optional day again?”

“I think that might’ve almost been preferable to seeing him gyrating like a porn star with a hula hoop.”

“Ah, sounds like he’s still trying to train Nosy to do tricks.”


“Apparently he thought it would be fun.” Ianto shrugged. “He’s not having much success, but it’s keeping Nosy entertained.”

TBC in ‘Conceding Defeat’