Author's Notes:
My... Um... 5th? drabble for Challenge 288 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100. I've done a final tune-up and I'm happier with it now, some of the phrasing was a bit clunky before. Still not perfect, but then again, sometimes I'm too picky.

In other news, the pit of gloom drabble is no more. I ditched the second half and re-wrote it so it's closer to what I originally wanted. It's quite a cheery, positive piece now and will be posted tomorrow. Then I have something quite daft and cracky for Monday.

Summary: Vague spoilers for Cyberwoman.
Ianto considers strategies as he keeps Lisa hidden.

It hadn’t taken Ianto long to realise the best way of keeping Lisa hidden was to make himself invisible.

Never one to draw attention to himself, he quickly learned to blend into the background, being indispensable while going about his tasks unnoticed.

It was simple. Most of the team barely noticed him as long as whatever they needed appeared when, or better yet, before they needed it.

Jack’s attention, however, proved impossible to avoid; different tactics were required.

So Ianto encouraged him, flirting, leading him on, diverting his attention.

Sometimes, he mused, the art of concealment is all about misdirection.

The End