Author's Notes:
Fourth part of my drabble series for Challenge 391: Mirror at tw100.

Science is not my strong point, so just accept that this sort of thing is possible in the Torchwood universe. It’s like original Star Trek science ;)

Summary: They can’t keep the extra Ianto, so how will they send him back where he belongs?

“We’ll have to re-create the power surge in reverse,” Tosh decided. “Where Ianto was standing when the incident happened, the walls between our universes must be very thin. If I send a negative energy pulse through the sub-etheric resonator, it should open a portal in the other direction.”

“I hope you’re right,” Other Ianto said. “My Jack will be worried.”

“Go and stand where you were before. Not you, Ianto, or you might get sucked through as well.”

“Good point; I don’t want to get displaced.” He looked at his mirror image. “Goodbye, Ianto. It was nice meeting you.”


TBC in ‘Time To Go’