Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 391: Mirror at tw100, and the first part of a six-part series.

Summary: A matching pair of Iantos; whatever next?

It was like looking in a mirror, only not quite, because his ‘reflection’ was the wrong way round.

“You’re me!” they both said at the same time, with equally startled, confused expressions on their identical faces.

“Fuck!” said Owen in disgust. “Two Teaboys; that’s all we need! One of them’s bad enough.”

“I don’t know,” smirked Jack, leering as he gave Ianto and his double a long, lascivious look. “I think the situation has some very interesting possibilities.”

“Jack, stop drooling and put your tongue away,” the Iantos said in unison, rolling their eyes.

“Welsh vowels in stereo,” Jack grinned.

TBC in ‘Which Is Which?’