Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 389: Rats at tw100. First of a two-parter.

Summary: Owen’s lost something important, but finding it might not be easy.

“Owen, why are you crawling around on the floor?” Ianto sounded amused but slightly wary. Odd behaviour among team members could be an indication of a serious, alien-related problem.

“One of my lab rats got out.”

That was reassuringly normal at least. “Which one? I’ll keep a look out for it.”

“Won’t help, it’s the one I was testing that invisibility ray on.”

“Ah. Well, if it’s invisible, how do you know it’s escaped?”

Owen looked at Ianto as if he was an idiot. “Because I accidentally left the cage door open.”

Ianto rolled his eyes. “Of course you did.”

TBC in ‘…And Found’