Author's Notes:
My final drabble for Challenge 388: Innuendo at tw100. The mystery is solved!

b>Summary: Where Rhys fails, Ianto succeeds.

Jack looked down into the autopsy bay, disappointed. “Huh. From all the noise, I thought we were having an orgy.” He glared at Gwen. “Didn’t I tell you not to mess around with those alien handcuffs?”

“Sorry! You should’ve told me the release mechanism only works with wood!”

“You lot are idiots, pencils are too fat, let me try this.” Ianto approached, chopstick in hand, and jabbed it into the small hole. With a click the handcuffs fell off.

“Thank God!”

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” Jack winked, smirking. “If you want something poked into a hole, ask Ianto.”

The End