Author's Notes:
My fourth and final drabble for Challenge 385: Leap at tw100.

Summary: Jack has caught an alien. Maybe.

“Jack? Why are you holding a frog at gunpoint?” Ianto was used to Torchwood weirdness, but some days seemed extra surreal.

“It’s not a frog, it only looks like a frog,” Jack explained. “In reality, it’s a Gursian Sneed. They’re masters of disguise. I tracked it here.” Jack waved the arm his VM was strapped to.

“Small things are they, Sneeds?”

“No, they’re around our size.”

“How’s it disguising itself as a frog then?”

Jack frowned.

A nearby bush started to sidle away.

“After it!” Jack yelled, and off they went, leaving the frog to leap back into its pond.

The End