Author's Notes:
My fourth and final drabble written for Challenge 382: Gold/Golden at tw100.

Summary: Jack and Ianto compare the merits of precious metals.

“I’ve always found gold a bit gaudy for my tastes,” Ianto admitted. “I prefer silver.”

“Silver’s nice, but it tarnishes so badly it always seems to need cleaning,” Jack replied.

“That’s true.”

“There’s always platinum.”

Ianto shook his head. “Too expensive.”

“We can afford it.”

“I know, but it still feels like an unnecessary extravagance.”

“Isn’t unnecessary extravagance what romance is all about?”

“There’s such a thing as overdoing it.”

“Okay, so how about white gold? Best of both worlds.” Jack pointed to a display of white gold rings.


Who knew picking out wedding rings could be so complicated?

The End