Author's Notes:
My fourth and final drabble written for Challenge 380: Fancy at tw100.

Summary: Owen is not happy about having to look smart.

“Why do I have to get dolled up?” Owen grumbled. “This thing’s stranglin’ me.” He tugged at his tie and Ianto slapped his hands away before straightening it again.

“Leave it alone or I’ll strangle you myself.”

“Oh yeah? You and whose army?”

“What’s your problem, Owen?” Jack strode over, resplendent in his own suit. “Nobody else is complaining.”

“It’s alright for Ianto, he’s used to wearing fancy suits and ties, and the girls love getting’ dressed up, but this isn’t me!” Owen gestured at the suit.

“You’re not wearing jeans and t-shirt to meet the Queen and that’s final!”

The End