Author's Notes:
Part six of my drabble series written for Challenge 379: Cardiff Constabulary at tw100. One more to go.

Summary: Kathy wants an explanation or two.

“How can these things exist without anyone seeing them? How many people have they killed?” Kathy had so many questions she hardly knew where to start.

“Lots of people see them, but who’d believe such a crazy story? They’re usually dismissed as people wearing masks. They live in the sewers, mostly do no harm. Occasionally one goes rogue, and sometimes someone gets killed. We do our best, but Weevils are the least of our problems. There are worse things.” For once, Harkness looked serious. “Your police deal with human criminals; let Torchwood deal with the aliens. That’s what we do.”

TBC in ‘A DI’s Tale — Part 7’