Author's Notes:
Part four of my drabble series written for Challenge 379: Cardiff Constabulary at tw100.

Summary: Rescue is at hand! Something Kathy has mixed feelings about.

“Detective Swanson, fancy meeting you here!” The cheery American-accented voice that broke the silence was as incongruous as it was unexpected.

Kathy wanted to reply with something scathing, or at least a warning, because although she disliked and resented Harkness and his Torchwood team, she didn’t want to see anyone torn to shreds right before her eyes.

Aware that her next move might be her last, she remained unmoving as Harkness swept past in his ridiculous coat, spraying something in the creature’s face. As it collapsed, he turned, flashing her his best smile.

“Always happy to assist the Cardiff Constabulary!”

TBC in ‘A DI’s Tale — Part 5’