Author's Notes:
A second drabble for Challenge 377: Surprise at tw100.

Blame m_findlow for this – I’d already written my four drabbles for this week, then I read her drabble ‘Birthday Surprise’ and this happened.

Summary: Ianto should have known Jack would pull a stunt like this.

Seeing the massive cake in the middle of the Hub, Ianto hung his head and groaned. Trust Jack to do something like this! Ianto knew exactly what would happen next.

Having the team witness this humiliation would have been bad enough, but Jack had invited Martha, Tom, the Doctor, Rhiannon and her family too.

“Ready for your surprise?” a voice beside him asked.

Ianto glared at Jack, about ready to kill him, then stopped. If Jack was there, who was in the cake?

“Happy birthday, Ianto!” everyone shouted.

Out of the cake burst Nosy!

A much nicer surprise than expected!

The End