Author's Notes:
The final part of my four part drabble series for Challenge 376: Rubbish at tw100.

Summary: The search for Dizzy is underway.

“You really think Dizzy’s in one of those bags?” Tosh asked, wide-eyed.

“I don’t know, but we’ll have to look.” Ianto’s shoulders slumped. “I only just got this place tidied.”

“I’ll help,” Tosh assured him. “We’ll go through one bag at a time.”

“Thanks, Tosh.”

When they were halfway though, Jack appeared. “What’re you two doing?”

“Dizzy’s gone missing, we’re checking it didn’t get bagged up with the rubbish,” Tosh explained.

Jack grinned. “It didn’t.” He pointed at the tree.

There was Dizzy, dangling amid the tinsel, sound asleep, oblivious to the panic it had caused.

Ianto sighed. “Of course.”

The End