Author's Notes:
My second drabble for Challenge 375: Sauce at tw100.

Two in a row to come out at exactly 100 words! That’s a little scary, in a good way!

Summary: The team are taking a well-earned break from Christmas preparations.

Christmas was only a week away and frantic preparations were under way at the Hub. Putting up the decorations had been a joint effort; everyone had worked so hard that Ianto decided to reward them with freshly made eggnog.

As they relaxed, sipping from their glasses and admiring their handiwork, a certain Fluff slithered past from the kitchen, weaving erratically from side to side.

Owen snorted in amusement. “Looks like Nosy’s been on the sauce!”

Ianto jumped up, nearly spilling his drink. “Oh God! I left the eggnog out!”

Jack sighed. “I think you might have to make another batch.”

The End