Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 284 – Floriography at tw100. When I say 'first' I mean 'only' - so far, anyway. I'll have to wait and see if inspiration strikes again...

Summary: Ianto and Jack have a conversation while shopping.

Browsing the supermarket produce section with Ianto, Jack prodded at a lettuce.

“Back in Victorian times, lettuces symbolised cold-heartedness.”

If Ianto was surprised by Jack’s random comment, it didn’t show.

“So if you wanted to tell someone they were cold-hearted, you’d give them a lettuce?”

“Something like that I guess.”

“Bizarre. How about cabbages?”


Ianto nodded sagely. “Sounds about right. Lot of money in cabbages.”

Jack laughed.

“So, if I were to give you this,” Ianto waved a cucumber at Jack, “What would that mean?”

“That I’m onto a sure thing tonight?” Jack sounded hopeful.

Ianto winked. “Could be.”

The End