Author's Notes:
My only drabble for Challenge 283 – Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire at tw100. I've tried all week to come up with something for this prompt, but I kept coming back to the one thing that immediately came to mind. Humble apologies...

Summary: Ianto still doesn’t like camping…

Ianto gingerly poked a stick into the campfire, rolling a charred sausage towards him. When it was close enough, he stabbed it with a fork and deposited it on a plate with several other sausage-shaped cinders.

He glared at Jack.

“I hope you’re not expecting these to be edible.”

“Sorry.” Jack looked sheepish.

“What on earth possessed you to try flipping sausages?”

“I saw a chef doing it on TV. He looked really cool, tossing and catching them. I thought I could do it.”

Ianto groaned. “No more TV, you’re too easily influenced.”

“At least we still have the beans!”

The End