Author's Notes:
The final part of my drabble mini-series, sequel to 'A Sticky Solution'. I hope everybody has enjoyed it!

Summary: Nosy is restored to fluffiness.

Owen dropped the last blob of gum into a dish, put down his forceps and uncovered Nosy.

“Now for the final part of the procedure.”

Fetching a bowl of warm water and the bottle of baby shampoo he used for his rats, he dampened Nosy’s head, added a drop of shampoo and worked up a good lather. A quick rinse, a spot of conditioner combed through the fluffy fur, and a thorough final rinse had Nosy looking… soggy.

“Better than being sticky, right?”

Nosy shook itself vigorously, soaking Owen, then slithered off the table and up the steps.

“You’re welcome!”

The End (I think)