Author's Notes:
The third in my drabble mini-series, sequel to 'A Sticky Situation'. There will be one more part, hopefully tomorrow.

Summary: Owen de-gums Nosy.

“Have fun!” Ianto smirked. He patted Nosy, carefully avoiding the gummy bits, and sauntered off.

“Oh, great. Come on you.” Owen headed for the autopsy bay, Nosy slinking along behind him.


Arranging Nosy on the autopsy table, Owen draped surgical cloths around the gummy areas, and prepared to start work.

Grabbing a blob of gum with his forceps, he applied an alien solvent and carefully started teasing the fur away. It was slow, painstaking work, but he didn’t want to cut off big clumps of fluff. Ianto was right, Jack would notice and then Owen would really be in trouble.

TBC in ‘Unstuck’