Author's Notes:
The second part in my drabble mini-series, and the sequel To ‘A Sticky Problem’. There will be two more parts after this one.

Summary: Nosy is gummy, Ianto is displeased, Owen is in trouble…

Owen looked closely at Nosy. Yep, that was definitely chewing gum and since he was the only one who indulged (or at least the only one who stuck used gum under the nearest table), it was a safe bet that it was his gum. He was starting to get worried; Ianto had a decidedly evil smirk on his face.

“Well, since you admit it’s your gum, I guess you should have the pleasure of removing it from Nosy’s fur.”

“What? How do I do that?”

“Very carefully. Jack will not be pleased if Nosy starts looking like a motheaten rug.”

TBC in ‘A Sticky Solution’