Author's Notes:
My third drabble for Challenge 359: Balls at tw100 and the second instalment in a six part story.

Summary: The rest of the team think Ianto and Jack are behaving rather strangely.

Tosh, Owen, and Gwen had drawn a blank. Whatever it was that had come through the Rift, they hadn’t found it, so they set off to see if Ianto and Jack’s luck had been any better.

Rounding a corner, they saw their boss and teammate running towards them.

Jack was yelling something that sounded like “Balls!”

“Run!” Ianto added as he swept past them, Jack hot on his heels.

Gwen and Owen stared at them as if they’d both gone nuts.

Tosh looked in the opposite direction then grabbed the others and pulled. “Balls!”

Owen glanced over his shoulder.


TBC in Part 3