Author's Notes:
The first of a four-part mini drabble series. I'll hopefully be posted one a day, so look out for part 2 tomorrow...

Summary: Nosy is afflicted by a mysterious stickiness…

Ianto was relaxing on the couch, reading a file, when Nosy draped itself over his lap, humming disconsolately.

Still reading, Ianto dropped one hand to Nosy’s head to pet it, and encountered something unpleasantly sticky tangled in the silky fluff.

“What on earth…?”

Setting the file aside, he took a closer look. Several grey, sticky lumps were stuck in the fur on Nosy’s head. Ianto prodded one.

“Yuk! Owen, get over here!”

“Now what?”

“Care to explain why Nosy has chewing gum stuck in its fur?”

“I wondered where that kept disappearing to.”

“Well, now you know,” Ianto smirked evilly.

TBC in ‘A Sticky Situation’