Author's Notes:
My third of four drabbles for Challenge 357: Dinosaur at tw100.

Summary: Jack’s in for a disappointment.

While the others were busy getting the nets ready to catch the errant dinosaur skeleton, Jack sidled up to Ianto.

“That is so cool! When we catch it, can we keep it?”

Ianto rolled his eyes. “No, Jack, it’s not a toy, it’s a priceless collection of fossils and it belongs to the museum.”

“Spoilsport,” Jack pouted.

“One of us has to be a responsible adult. Anyway, shouldn’t you be trying to figure out why it’s mobile?”

Jack waved a hand dismissively. “Already know that.”

“That’s nice. Care to enlighten the rest of us?”

“I will when we’ve caught it.”

TBC in ‘Mystery Explained’