Author's Notes:
Written for caz251’s comment_fic prompt ‘Any, Any, "That time with the chicken, nothing to do with me".’

Summary: Jack has a habit of bringing stray animals to the Hub.

Ianto stared at the box of puppies by Jack’s desk.

“Jack?” he yelled. “What’s this?”


“I can see that! What’ve I told you about bringing strays to the Hub?”

“I couldn’t just leave them! They’ve been abandoned! Anyway, how d’you know it was me?”

“You just admitted it. Besides, it’s always you.”

“Ha! Not so! That time with the chicken? Nothing to do with me; that was Owen."

Ianto frowned. “Why would Owen bring a chicken to work?”

“He won it in a poker game.”

“Who bets chickens?”

“The local farmers’ club. You’re lucky he didn’t win the goat.”

The End