Author's Notes:
A sequel to ‘Sneak Thief’, because I couldn't leave it there.

Summary: The Sneak Thief is identified…

As Ianto emerged from the archives with some files for Jack, Nosy slithered past, chewing on something. Ianto watched for a moment, then shrugged and headed for Jack’s office.

Emerging thirty minutes later, he spotted Nosy by the couch, still chewing. Frowning in puzzlement, he continued to the kitchen to make coffee.

He passed Nosy, who was still chewing, on his way his way to hand out the coffees. Noticing that Owen was also busily chewing, something clicked.

“Owen, I think I know who stole your gum earlier.” He pointed at Nosy.

“Damn! Good thing it wasn’t bubblegum,” Owen muttered.

The End