Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 351: Stars / Stripes at tw100.

This idea popped into my head less than an hour ago, and I had to write it!

Summary: There’s something different about Nosy...

“Um, am I seeing things, or…” Jack rubbed his eyes and looked again.

“It’s American Independence Day.” As explanations went, Ianto’s left something to be desired.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re in Wales, right?”


“That’s nowhere near America.”

“True, but you try explaining that to Nosy. It’s being patriotic.”

“To a country it’s never visited.”

“Britain and America; same colours.”

“That explains the red, white and blue stripes, but the white splodges?”

“Guess it couldn’t get the stars to go right.”

Jack watched the multicoloured Fluff slither past.

“This place just gets weirder every day.”

“I noticed.”

The End