Author's Notes:
My fourth drabble for Challenge 345: Cake at tw100.

Summary: Oh no! What can be done about the cake disaster?

With typical quick thinking, Ianto plunked Meriel on the floor, grabbed up two plates and managed to rescue the top half of the cake before it could connect with either floor or Fluff.

“Maybe I should have moved the cake to somewhere more stable before trying to cut it,” Jack muttered by way of an apology.

“Could’ve been worse, at least there’s some left.” Rhys was determinedly cheerful.

“I’ll clean up the mess,” Ianto sighed.

“No need,” Jack grinned, pointing.

Meriel sat beside Nosy, shoving handfuls of cake in her mouth while Nosy ate the rest.

“Cake!” she giggled happily.

The End