Author's Notes:
The seventh and final drabble of this series for Challenge 344: Fish at tw100.

Summary: Perhaps a change of plans might be in order…

“The novelty of fishing has definitely worn off for me,” Ianto commented, suspiciously eyeing the deceptively placid lake surface. It didn’t seem quite so idyllic now he knew what lurked in the depths.

“We should probably collect our gear,” Jack agreed.

“Can’t. It still has my hook and most of my line. Excuse me!” He raised his voice. “I don’t suppose I could have my fishhook back…?” Silence. “Guess not.”

Moments later a tentacle emerged and tossed the neatly coiled line at Ianto’s feet.

“Thank you.”

“Let’s have our picnic somewhere else, preferably away from water,” Jack suggested.

“Good idea.”

The End