Author's Notes:
My eighth (I think) drabble for Challenge 281 – Lepidoptera at tw100, this follows straight on from 'Decorative Butterfly'.

For DarqueQueen7 over on I couldn’t use the title she suggested because I wanted to keep to the theme I’d set with the earlier titles, but it fitted Tosh so perfectly I decided to use it in the drabble.

Summary: The butterfly seeks a less energetic ‘perch’.

Thankfully, Jack had calmed down a bit by the time the Rift alarm went off a couple of hours later and the butterfly was sitting quietly on his head instead of fluttering agitatedly.

He strode over to Tosh’s station and leaned over her shoulder to look at her monitor.

“What have we got, Tosh?”

“Rift spike over by Central Station, looks like whatever came through is inanimate but fairly big.”

Jack straightened up and blinked. The butterfly was now perched, calmly preening, on top of Tosh’s head.

“Huh.” Jack glared at it then grinned. “Looks good on you, Madame Butterfly!”

The End