Author's Notes:
My second drabble for Challenge 341: Pies at tw100.

Summary: All the physical activity has given Jack an appetite...

Peckish after several rounds of very enjoyable horizontal exercise, Jack left Ianto snoozing, sprawled across their bed, and headed for the kitchen to find something to eat. Returning to bed with his snack, he leant back against the pillows and picked up his plate.

“Don’ get crumbs inna bed,” Ianto mumbled, cracking open one eye and peering balefully at Jack.

“I’ll be careful.” Jack bit into his treat with a moan of pleasure. “Ooh, that’s tart!”

“Not tart, ‘s pie,” came the muttered response. “Tarts don’ ‘ave tops.”

Jack smirked. “I stand corrected.”




“Get your own!”


The End