Author's Notes:
My fourth drabble for Challenge 340: Spiders at tw100.

Summary: Jack has fallen foul of an alien therapy device.

“It’s supposed to help people deal with their phobias,” Jack said, sounding peeved.

“Become that which scares you the most and you lose your fear of it. I can see how that might work. On some people, anyway.” Ianto studied the giant spider in front of him curiously; Jack’s face stared mournfully back at him from the spider’s ‘head’. “So what’s it feel like?”

“Really weird. I’ve got too many legs, I keep tripping over my own feet.” He tried to walk forward, got all his legs tangled and toppled over at Ianto’s feet. “See?” he whined. “I hate spiders!”

TBC in ‘Spider-Man 2’